Bespoke Dog Care Service
- Est 2008 -


At For Dogs' Sake we tend to do things the “Dog's” way... All pets, but in particular our favourite of them all, require as much mental stimulation as they do physical and that's where the FDS Team come into play.

This is our story...

Founder, Jonathan Garstang had a lifetime experience in dog training and welfare. After working with a dog trainer in Bristol for 2 years he moved to London and set up his own practise. As well as working domestically Jonathan also spent 3 months in Lusaka, Zambia working at “LAWS” (Lusaka animal welfare society) as an advisor. His role there was to train the dog handlers and establish new routines for the animals in order to make it easier for them to be re homed. He had a short stint in Serbia where he assisted local dog shelters on individual cases and is currently in Rhodes, Greece supporting “RAWS” (Rhodes animal welfare society).

Since 2008, For Dogs' Sake have helped hundreds of families in South West London that need assistance in tackling 'dog/owner problems'. We believe in empowering the owner and their family with the tools and knowledge to nurture their own unique bond with their dog.

Many of these problems stem from the simple reason our dog is under stimulated and often it's difficult for an owner to recognise this; with the help of our expert dog trainers we will focus on your dog's unique idiosyncrasies and assure a slow integration to the pack, so that in time they can become their best self.

In 2016, Oliver Sciota and his team of Dog Care professionals partnered up with Jon and in early 2017, Oliver took full control of the company and with the support of experienced dog handler, Steve Cornes there has been expansion in Surrey and in different London postcode areas. Since then, we have built a new HQ in Motspur Park with a brand new Grooming Parlour owned and ran by Natalie Rodrigues - Oliver's wife. This space is in full use and allows for puppies to be socialised and for older dogs to take it easy after a long pack walk. The FDS Crew's dedication towards your four-legged-friends will be evident to any loving owner who knows their dog, the fun and care displayed by the team is really unique and our dog clients can certanily vouch for us!

In partnership with:

Chique Pets Grooming Parlour

Skylos Skills - Bespoke Dog care



Offering a variety of bespoke services, we can accommodate any requests, always making sure our friends get the attention they deserve.

Day Care & Training

£35 from 10am to 3pm

A full day of stimulation and interaction with our FDS trainers and handlers; as well as the routine socialisation & walk with the pack, your Dog will go through a bespoke training program, created by our Team experts, focusing on the aspects of training you wants us to work on with your Dog.

Pack Walk or Solo Walk

£15 am or pm walk available
weekend surcharge £3

A full fun run with loads of doggie friends in the surrouding Surrey and SW London Parks. Free from leads at times, the dogs are allowed to be themselves around their own in the wilderness; a fantastic day for any of your four legged friend.

Doggie Day Care

£25 from 10am to 3pm
weekend surcharge £3

Stuck at work for the day or not sure how long the meeting is going to last? Don't happy...For Dog's Sake are here! The collection start from 10am, walk, play, rest and drop off starts from 3:00pm.

Puppy Home Training

starting from £50p/h

When you make the decision to bring a puppy home, it is important you are prepared for the adventure. Early puppy training and socialisation helps prevent behaviour and temperament issues. One of our dedicated trainers will schedule with you a time to visit your home and with the entire family, shape and guide your pup into an exemplary Dog.